Emilia Romagna, the home of gourmet food par excellence, is the cradle of some of the best loved Italian cheeses worldwide. The most popular are undoubtedly Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, however it is home to a number of other specialities such as the delicious pecorini of the Apennines.

At Rosa, we have selected for you only the best products of Emilia's dairy tradition. Hard or soft cheeses, sweet or savoury, fresh or aged. In our shop you can find a wide range of typical cheeses for all tastes, ideal for aperitifs, starters or to accompany your dishes.

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  • Parmesan cheese PDO

    Parmigiano Reggiano is the best known and most appreciated Italian cheese in the whole world due to its inimitable features. It is among the oldest cheeses known and it is produced with the same ingredients, the same production techniques and the same artisan care of old.

    Its high quality is today guaranteed by the protection Consortium, which strictly monitors compliance with the regulations along the entire production process.

    It is a wholly natural product rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Its organoleptic characteristics vary depending on how long it has been left to age but the cheese does have a characteristic light yellow colour, is quite elastic and has an intense aroma that remains delicate even after thirty months of ageing.

    It may be savoured as is or with honey, fruit compotes and balsamic vinegar. It is excellent as hors d'oeuvre or a quick snack, but is also invaluable to add taste to exquisite recipes.

  • Parmesan cheese Solo...

    Parmesan Cheese made from Bruna Alpina milk is like no other cheese. The milk of this breed of cow is richer in casein than those used in the production of other Parmesan Cheeses, for this reason it is named the white gold.

    It is sweeter, more aromatic and delicate on the palate compared to traditional Parmesan Cheeses. The cheese is an intense straw yellow, a characteristic color resulting from the diverse hay varieties used to feed the animals.

    An aroma reminiscent of cream, butter, herbs and fruit. A flavor which evokes fruit and cooked vegetables, with subtle overtones of almond. Soluble, balanced and granular, crumbly to perfection, it has a flavor which is persistent, but not too much so.

    Parmesan cheese is recommended for people intolerant to proteins in cow's milk, it is free from lactose and is lower in fat than most other cheeses. It is healthy, tasty and light, perfect for children, the elderly and the sporty.

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