Emilia Romagna is one of the largest Italian wine-making regions which, in addition to over 60,000 hectares of vineyards, boasts more than twenty types of wine whose excellence is certified by protected designations of origin. Among these, one of the most appreciated and recognised is the designation Colli di Parma, Parma Hills, which in the last few decades, thanks to the numerous awards won by Parma wines, has seen an exponential increase in its prestige, both nationally and internationally.

We have selected for you only the very best Colli di Parma labels, certified by the consortium of the same name and by the ministerial identification bands. red, white. rosé, still, fizzy and sparkling, we offer wines for all tastes and for any occasion.

Excellent paired with typical cured meats and dishes of the Parma area, but also indicated to accompany a number of other dishes such as hors d'oeuvre or fish dishes.

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  • Spumante wines

    A selection of the best sparkling wines in Emilia's tradition, made by local producers who have made a name for themselves on the national as well as international arena.

    Ideal for toasts and aperitifs, but also indicated as table wines or paired with desserts and fresh fruit.

  • Still white wines

    The excellence of Emilia's wine making tradition is also confirmed by the wide range of still white wines produced in the region. These wines go well with all courses and, based on their organoleptic properties, can be paired with a wide variety of foods.

    Wines with mineral and citrusy scents tend to be more suitable for crustaceans and seafood, fruitier ones are best paired with risotto and poultry, while floral whites are excellent with delicate-tasting fish.

  • Still reds

    Emilia Romagna's rich oenological variety also includes excellent DOP still red wines. Barbera, Bonarda and Merlot are Emilia's best-known labels, but this type of wine has reached its peak especially in Romagna with the famous Sangiovese.

    Still red wines go well with all courses, ideal to accompany typical Emilia dishes, roast poultry, stews, cured meats and salami.

  • Sparkling Reds

    The sparkling red wines are one of the typical wines of the Emilian area. It is an elegant wine that combines with bubbles that give it body and naturalness.

    Sparkling red wines are particularly suitable in combination with cured meats.

  • Organic wine

    More and more wine lovers are looking for organic wine for their cellar.

    This is not a passing fashion but a trend that is conquering its fans.

    A niche made up of people sensitive to the issues of earth protection and environmental protection who pay great attention to everything they eat and drink.

    For this reason we of the Rosa Shop team have selected the following organic wines that express the love for nature and for a viticulture that aims to obtain a healthy and sustainable wine to make you enjoy its pleasantly natural flavor at its best, enhancing your cuisine based on organic food.

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