Organic fruit juices

All products of the farm are grown and stored according to 100% organic practices.           

The passion for the biological comes from a precise need to preserve the environment and keep intact the flavors and natural taste of fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables used come directly from the farms. When this is not possible, as for non-reproducible crops in the Emilia area (in the case of blueberries and oranges) raw materials come from carefully selected suppliers, specialized in organic farming.


The production takes place in a totally biological way starting from organic fertilization up to the use of Alt-Carpò nets, a new technique to fight the carpocapsa, one of the most harmful insects for pome fruit. The plant is surrounded by a white net similar to a mosquito net, which protects the fruit and allows not to make any treatment to the plant itself. The plants are fed through the use of micro-drop irrigation for a more rational use of water.

The orchards rest on an integral turf, which allows fruit trees to come into contact with benign insects, such as ladybugs. The ladybugs, in fact, contribute to the biological fight against parasites as they can be defined as insects that feed on other insects. The soil is remixed in its surface layer through the weeding operation. The harvesting is performed in a completely manual way, in scalar form, that is according to the degree of maturation.

Cooking takes place at a low temperature, around 50-60 ° C. This is to preserve the colors and properties of fruit. The fruit is processed using the vacuum method, which allows you to extract the water contained in the fruit and concentrate the pulp in a natural and simple way, without using pectin or other thickeners. The addition of sugars takes place in a rational way, to enhance the taste of fruit and re-establish our palates at the right balance of sweetness.

Organic fruit juices - Fruit juices made with organic fruit

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