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Condimento Bianco
  • Condimento Bianco

Balsamic white condiment - 250 ml

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Special blend of white wine vinegar aged in oak barrels and grape must. It has all the flavour and aroma of the precious traditional Balsamic Vinegar, but without colouring the food with which it comes into contact. Its lower acidity makes it extremely delicate and enhances the flavor of dishes without overhanging tastes and aromas.
Perfect for meat , fish, fruits and vegetables.

Packaging: Bottle 250 ml

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It is a product free from policy documents, so the producers can make condiments that are expressions of the family’s traditions, always respecting the law.
Acetaia Castelli balsamic condiments’ acidity is less than Balsamic vinegar of Modena, they are made with more than 80% of cooked grape must and aged at least 5 years until 20 years in barrels of 7 different kind of woods.
We think that the quality of our balsamic condiments are between the “Traditional balsamic vinegar” and the “Balsamic vinegar of Modena”.


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250 ml

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