Cotechino with lentils

Cotechino with lentils

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Preparing cotechino with lentils is really easy and thanks to Mamma Rosa's advice you can prepare a very tasty cotechino with lentils in a few simple steps.

Do you want to know how to prepare cotechino with lentils? Here is Mamma Rosa's recipe for cooking cotechino with lentils.


  • 500 grams of lentils left to soak for 24 hours in plenty of warm water
  • A big and tasty cotechino
  • 40 grams of coarsely chopped fat and lean bacon
  • One chopped onion
  • Some sage leaves
  • Salt


Prick the cotechino with a needle and soak it with the lentils for 12 hours.
Then drain it and rinse the lentils very well.
Meanwhile, sauté the bacon, onion and sage leaves in a pan.
As soon as the sauce has browned, add the well-drained lentils, cover everything flush with fresh water and season with salt.
Leave the pan on the stove to cook for an hour.
Separately, cook the cotechino.
Change the water twice, replacing it with clean, hot water.
And leave everything on the stove to cook for an hour.
Once cooked, take the cotechino out of its water, put it together with the lentils and continue cooking over moderate heat for a second hour.
Once the time has elapsed, all you have to do is serve the boiling cotechino, sliced, soaked in the cooking juices and surrounded with lentils.

Recipe taken from "La Pacciada" by Gianni Brera and Luigi Veronelli - Arnoldo Mondadori Editore I edition May 1973.

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