How to serve Parma ham

How to serve Parma ham

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Parma ham requires the right preparation to highlight at best its flavour and perfect texture.

First of all, use a short and well-sharpened knife to cut the rind that covers the part to be sliced. It is recommended not to remove all the fat in this operation, in fact to preserve the product's unmistakeable flavour and fullness it is preferable to leave at least half on.

After discarding the rind the product is ready to be sliced. Slicing is usually carried out by machine, using a slicer, however if you have familiarity and experience with knives, prosciutto may also be sliced by hand.

Regardless on the cutting methods it is essential for the slices to be rightly thin, indicatively as thick as a sheet of paper, and for the product to be sliced just before eating. Only in this way, in fact, it is possible to fully enjoy its sweetness and unique flavour.

The slices must be arranged in the plate so that they do not stick to one another. The best presentation is the one that looks like a crown of petals, which in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, also prevents overlaying the slices.

The easiest way to savour Prosciutto di Parma is to serve it with bread or bread sticks. It is also ideal to accompany it with fresh fruit, such as melon or figs, or with a good glass of white wine.

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