Rosa s.r.l. was funded in 2016 on the initiative of "Mamma Rosa", granddaughter and daughter of butchers, who, driven by a passion for typical Emilian products, decided to open an e-commerce for the online sale of Emilian food and to create the Rosa Shop brand.

Ours is a company in the province of Parma and, moved by the awareness of the great potential of our territory, has set itself the goal of enhancing and promoting in Italy and beyond national borders only the excellence of the culinary tradition of Emilia- Romagna.

Over the years and various trips in Italy and abroad, we have discovered many realities and met in person many small and large food producers, people passionate about their work and their land, we have established relationships of friendship and collaboration and some we have welcomed their products on our site with joy for the satisfaction of our customers and those who always want to experiment with new specialties.

We think that food is not only a basic necessity, but also a way of knowing and living unforgettable human experiences.

We made our own the wise words of Carlo Petrini, writer, gastronome and founder of the Slow Food association:

“I need to know the history of a food. I need to know where it comes from. I have to imagine the hands that cultivated, worked and cooked what I eat".

For our customers we offer ourselves as a reliable and efficient partner, able to provide a wide range of top quality typical Emilian and Romagna products, with no distance limits.

We work with efficient logistical collaborators who allow us to make deliveries throughout Europe in a few days.

We are founding members of the Italiaishere Consortium and members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany and the United Kingdom with the code "Rosa srl".


Become the reference e-commerce platform for lovers of good food and good wine of the food and wine tradition of Emilia-Romagna and for artisanal producers in the region who want to sell their typical high quality products in Italy and in the rest of the world .


Valorizzare, in Italia e nel mondo, la tradizione enogastronomica dell’Emilia-Romagna attraverso la vendita di prodotti tipici artigianali e di alta qualità provenienti, esclusivamente, da produttori locali.

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