Culatello di Zibello PDO - 4 kg apx.
  • Culatello di Zibello PDO - 4 kg apx.

Culatello from Zibello PDO - 4 kg apx.

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The Culatello from Zibello has always been the king of Italian cured meat thanks to its excellence.

It is obtained from the heart of the ham and its processing requires great skill and mastery.

It is sold after 12 months of seasoning after authorization by the certification authority.


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After drying, the Culatello is aged in natural cellars that give it the characteristics that distinguish it: uniform red to the cut, thin and soft with white fat.

The aroma is intense and the taste is sweet and delicate with an aromatic aftertaste.

Storage should take place in cool, slightly ventilated rooms at a temperature below 20 ° C.

Before slicing it is preferable to immerse it for at least 24 hours in water and wine to soften it and make easier to remove the skin.

Once cut, it can be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in a dish towel.


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