DelicatEVOle - Tin Bottle 750 ml
  • DelicatEVOle - Tin Bottle 750 ml

DelicatEVOle - Tin Bottle 750 ml

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It is the 100% Italian EVOO which can satisfy everyone's taste thanks to its delicate aroma. DelicatEVOle is filtered and it’s the mildest EVOO among our products. It has a pleasant light fruity aroma that makes it perfect for your everyday cooking recipes. It pairs well with light flavors such rice based dishes, white meat and salads with fresh cheeses (like tomato and mozzarella salad). 

Packaging: Tin Bottle 750 ml

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To produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil our producer choose only the most beautiful olives from the hills around Rimini, where there is a suitable mild climate, thanks to the presence of the sea breeze. Ancient local cultivars like Correggiolo and Rossina give to our extra virgin olive oil its unique aroma and taste.
The olive harvest has to be carried out without lacerating the olive peel to avoid fungal attacks. The harvest is carried out by hand or with the help of shaker machines and nets raised off the ground.
The right maturation of the fruit is given by the green-dark colour of the olive peel. After the harvest the olives are quickly pressed (within 12-24 hours) at our high tech oil mill.


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Tin Bottle 750 ml