Sweet Ham 12 months - Boned apx. 6,8 kg
  • Sweet Ham 12 months - Boned apx. 6,8 kg

Ham Boned

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Without any preservatives or nitrates, it combines the traditional wisdom of artisan processing with the best EC meats.

Size: Whole boned dressed up apx. 6,8 Kg

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Prosciutto crudo boasts a thousand-years-old history probably influenced by the presence in the region of salty springs.

Already in the Roman age the Parma area was famous for pig farming and ham production, as witnessed by Cato in his De Agricoltura of the second century BC and Polybius, Strabo, Horace and others who, when describing the celebrations for Hannibal's entry into Parma in 217 BC, record that he was offered salt cured hams.


The ingredients used to make raw ham is pork ham, salt and time.

After having been carefully selected, the hams are massaged for a long time with sea salt and then left to rest for a few days.

They are then washed, brushed, dried and checked over for any defects that may have gone unnoticed during previous checks.

Finally, they are left to season inside special chambers that give the ham the very special taste and aroma that has made it so famous all over the world.

During the curing process, the ham undergoes 'sugnatura', that is, a special process where the muscular parts of the ham are covered with a mixture of pork lard, salt and ground pepper so that it doesn't dry out too quickly.


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max 8/10° C