Zenzy Jam - Jar apx. 40 g
  • Zenzy Jam - Jar apx. 40 g

Zenzy Jam - Jar apx. 40 g

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Jam with an exotic flavor, where the kiwi sweetness meets the intense taste of the fresh ginger. Handmade without additives and preservatives, it is ideal for give a touch of originality to your breakfast or to satisfy the desire of a yummy break at any hour of the day.

Packaging: 43 g

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Happy Mama jams and compotes are produced with high selected raw materials cultivated by trusted farms which use low-input farming systems.

Production is completely handmade and respects plants flowering time. The fruits and vegetables used infact are rigorously seasonal and are processed as soon as they are picked.

To maintain the integrity of the raw materials taste and aroma, cooking is vacuum and at a low temperature (65-70°). No preservatives and additives are added.

The secret of the Happy Mama products excellence is in the great quality of the ingredients but also in the perfect mix between respect of emilian tradition and willingness to experiment new recipes. Infact each product match the unique taste of the homemade products with original notes, so that tasting never results ordinary.


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apx. 40 g
After opening, store in the refrigerator for 10 days.