Lambrusco dell'Emilia IGP Rosato - Fino a Sera
  • Lambrusco dell'Emilia IGP Rosato - Fino a Sera

Lambrusco dell'Emilia IGP Rosé- Fino a Sera

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Sparkling red wine of pure Lambrusco Marani ideal to serve fresh with cold cuts and fried dumplings, fish carpaccio and pizza.


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"Fino a sera" means "Until Evening" and is the name of this rosé Lambrusco dell'Emilia PGI produced at the foot of the hills municipality of Bibbiano.

The vine from which this sparkling red wine is born is 100% Pure Lambrusco Marani.

The vinification process follows a soft wine-pressing and immediate separation of the skin from the must, in order to obtain the bright rosé color that characterizes this Lambrusco. Subsequently, the long fermentation at low temperature, allows to extract the scent of fresh flowers typical of this sparkling red wine.


By the glass the Lambrusco dell'Emilia PGI "Fino a Sera" allows you to appreciate the cherry rosé color, delicately sparkling. The intense fragrance of eglantine and fresh flowers is perceived on the nose. The taste is dry with moderate acidity.

Tips for serving and food pairing

The best way to taste the rosé Lambrusco dell'Emilia PGI "Fino a Sera" is at a cool temperature, combined with cold cuts with fried dumplings, according to the Emilian tradition. The combination with fish carpaccio, sushi and pizza will surprise you.

Alcoholic degree 11%

Yield per hectare: 120 quintal (26000 lbs/hectare)

Yearly production: 10.000 bottles

Data sheet

Area of origin
At the foot of the hills, municipality of Bibbiano
Wine type
Cherry rosé
Intense fragrance of eglantine and fresh flowers.
Dry taste, moderate acidity
Serving temperature
Moderately cool
Suggested foods
Cold cuts, fish carpaccio, sushi and pizza.
Alcoholic Degree
75 cl

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