Parma Pancetta (bacon) - Whole apx. 4 kg
  • Parma Pancetta (bacon) - Whole apx. 4 kg

Parma Pancetta (bacon) - Whole apx. 4 kg

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It is obtained from processing the pig's belly part.
Only salt, pepper and a long curing period are added to first quality meats.

The soft and delicate slice stands out for the characteristic bright red round layers of the lean part, and pinkish white of the fatty one, which on the palate create a unique blend of savouriness and sweetness.

Size: Whole apx. 4 Kg

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The production of Pancetta di Parma dates back to the Roman age and even written documents exist starting from the 16th century, certifying its existence in the Parma area's traditional cuisine.


The meat for the Pancetta is selected in first quality slaughterhouses and is then salted and seasoned by hand.

The sheets of pancetta are left to stand for a few days so they naturally absorb the salt and aromas, then they are wrapped onto themselves to obtain the cylindrical shape.
This step is very important, as no gaps or air bubbles must remain inside the product.

They are finally bound by hand with twine and put to cure in the cellars of the production workshops.
Only the low temperature and specific humidity of these places can assure the healthiness and exceptional quality of this product.


Data sheet

6 months
apx. 4 Kg
max 17° C

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