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The Vescovo is a traditional cured meat from Colorno (in the province of Parma) made with boned front shank of pork to which the minced pork sausage mixture (cotechino) is added.

Particularly recommended during the cold periods of the year.

Size: 1.6 Kg approx.

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The Vescovo (Bishop in english) is a particularly rare salami, produced only in Colorno in the province of Parma, which is the birthplace of this salami.

What is the Vescovo?

This is the part of the boned, salted front shank of pork to which the minced pork sausage mixture (cotechino) is added and then hand-sewn. The shank sewn with the dough inside is also covered with a fabric "sock" that is used to prevent breakage during cooking.

Tips to enjoy it at its best

The Vescovo is a particularly recommended product to be enjoyed in the cold periods of the year, accompanied with a sparkling Lambrusco that washes the fat and makes it perfectly digestible.

Data sheet

Area of origin
Colorno (Province of Parma)
1.6 Kg approx.
Suggested foods
Side dishes: mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, cooked zabaglione, beans or lentils.Wines: sparkling Lambrusco, Gutturnio, Bonarda, red wine

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