Mariola cotta
  • Mariola cotta
  • Mariola cotta
  • Mariola cotta

Cooked Mariola

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Cooked Mariola is a pork sausage flavored with spices and wine. This typical Emilian salami originates from the Parma and Piacenza areas, and is a slow food presidium.

The cooked mariola is similar to the more famous cotechino.

Vacuum-packed for long storage, it is quick and easy to cook.

Size: 1.1 Kg approx.

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Mariola is a typical salami of the Parma and Piacenza area and is a slow food presidium.
Cooked Mariola resembles a cotechino, even if in comparison it is less widespread and therefore more difficult to find. To make the cooked mariola, the same mixture as the cotechino is used, flavored with spices and Fortana wine. The dough is then cooked and vacuum packed.

The vacuum packaging allows an easy and long conservation.

Quick recipe

To prepare our cooked mariola in just over 30 minutes, follow the Mamma Rosa recipe you find here.

Data sheet

Area of origin
Parma and Piacenza area
About 1.1 Kg
Vacuum packed