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Parmigiano Reggiano is the best known and most appreciated Italian cheese in the whole world due to its inimitable features. It is among the oldest cheeses known and it is produced with the same ingredients, the same production techniques and the same artisan care of old.

Its high quality is today guaranteed by the protection Consortium, which strictly monitors compliance with the regulations along the entire production process.

It is a wholly natural product rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Its organoleptic characteristics vary depending on how long it has been left to age but the cheese does have a characteristic light yellow colour, is quite elastic and has an intense aroma that remains delicate even after thirty months of ageing.

It may be savoured as is or with honey, fruit compotes and balsamic vinegar. It is excellent as hors d'oeuvre or a quick snack, but is also invaluable to add taste to exquisite recipes.

Parmigiano reggiano PDO - Parmigiano reggiano cheese from italian shop

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