Parmigiano Reggiano bees frienldy

Parmigiano Reggiano bees frienldy

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Bees are very important for pollination, so it is necessary to safeguard them and promote their repopulation. Yes, repopulation is necessary because diseases, parasites, pesticides and environmental factors such as air pollution and reduction of honey plants are increasingly reducing the population of these precious pollination workers.

A recognition for those who are committed to the protection of bees

The trademark SAVE THE BEES TO SAVE THE WORLD registered by S.I.S. Società Italiana Sementi, is designed to strengthen bee repopulation measures, enhance the surrounding environment and create an ecosystem suitable for bees and their own proliferation.

Brown Alpine cow Parmigiano Reggiano is friend of bees

Our producer of Parmigiano Reggiano with milk from only alpine brown cows, the Sangonelli Agricultural Society Antonio & Delbono Gabriella, is awarded the SAVE THE BEES TO SAVE THE WORLD mark. This prestigious brand rewards the Agricultural Society's commitment to the protection and repopulation of bees. The Sangonelli Antonio & Delbono Gabriella Agricultural Society is not only committed to producing high quality products, it is also committed to environmental sustainability.

The role of the Agricultural Consortium of Parma

The Agricultural Consortium of Parma has decided to support this supply chain and environmental enhancement project through the distribution of some essences, in particular Phacelia Tenacetifolia, which favor the spread of bees in the environment as the persistence of corn crops over time has generated negative consequences both for the environment and for the reproduction of bees.

This plant offers abundant and prolonged flowering which attracts many bees and is known to be one of the best honey plants found in nature, attracting many insects to which it provides pollen and nectar of the highest quality.

The importance of bees

Bees are often thought of only as producers of honey, but in reality bees play a much more important role: pollination. It is thanks to the pollinating action of bees that it is possible to enjoy fruit and vegetables as well as their derivatives such as fruit juices, and more. This is because it is the bees that favor the fertilization of the flowers, allowing the birth of the fruits.

The role of Rosa

The careful selection of producers of excellence carried out in the area makes us proud to be able to always offer gastronomic excellence that can enhance the area not only for the goodness of the products it offers but also for the attention and care in its preservation.

Discover the excellences proposed by Rosa Shop by browsing among our products such as Parmigiano Reggiano with milk from only alpine brown cow, friend of bees, produced by the Sangonelli Antonio & Delbono Gabriella Agricultural Society.

Discover the bee-friendly Parmigiano Reggiano

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